Food: Rucola

Neighbourhood Haunt


Rucola embodies all the reasons why I chose to live in this Brooklyn neighbourhood. It’s beautifully understated, down-to-earth and friendly. It hints at elegance and you’re always welcomed in with thoughtful open arms. Whether you’re there on a weeknight or a late Sunday morning, when you look around you’ll see a room filled with happiness, laughter and calm – and you’ll want to befriend everybody there.


This little restaurant on the corner of a quiet street in Boerum Hill is always bustling. But I can promise that their pasta is worth the 30 minute wait. If you’re there for dinner, start with a Negroni and don’t miss out on the arugula salad or the orecchiette with wild mushrooms. If you’re there for brunch, take your time, keep the coffee flowing and coat your French Toast in all the maple syrup.

Don’t go to Rucola in a rush. Take your time and snuggle up in the warm, cosy atmosphere. Trust me, you won’t want to leave.

Rucola, 190 Dean Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217.

No reservations, unless you’re more than five.

Photos: Hannah Hoskins.

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