Food: By CHLOE.

Vital for Vegetarians

If I told you that busy New Yorkers voluntarily spend their lunch break standing in line to get their hands on a $10 vegan kale Caesar salad would you believe me? Chef Chloe Coscarelli and creative director Samantha Wasser, the co-founders of vegan restaurant chain By CHLOE., seem to have achieved that impossible feat. At their fast-casual, totally plant-based restaurants the lunch rush is mad and the line for weekend brunch snakes around the block. On the menu you’ll find taco salads, guac burgers, sweet-potato fries, smoothie bowls, now NYC-famous “Chlostess” cupcakes, salted peanut-butter ice cream and, of course, cold-pressed juices. Vegan has become hip and cool – and not in a 1970s way. And it’s especially cool when it comes packaged in By CHLOE.’s Instagram-worthy monochrome wrapping.

This vegan lunch really is worth the wait. You may ridicule it now but once you’ve tasted that guac burger you’ll happily join the queue.

By CHLOE.: Citywide. See locations here.

Photos: By CHLOE.

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