Art: The Morgan Library & Museum

Night at the Museum

It’s often hard to squeeze a gallery visit into a weekend – and even if you’re free, chances are you want to avoid the crowds. Our solution? Admire art after dark.


Even though you’re museum-ing after hours don’t be tempted by MoMA (that requires an early weekday morning and preferably membership). Instead, finish work on Friday and head to The Morgan Library & Museum. Make sure you wait until 7pm to go in – grab a drink nearby if necessary – as it’s from 7pm to 9pm that the entrance fee is waived.

Once inside all your dreams of living the life in a townhouse on Madison Avenue will come true: you spend your days behind a huge desk meeting with important people, you have a personal library with sliding ladders and you invest the rest of your money in ancient artwork and early printed books. If you have time, dip into one of the exhibitions too: they’re always compact and perfectly formed, as every museum trip on a Friday evening should be.

The Morgan Library & Museum, 225 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016.

Photo: The Morgan Library & Museum.



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