Food: Mimi Cheng’s

One-Stop Shop


A rainy day sees New Yorkers seeking dumplings and nobody does them better than Mimi Cheng’s. Pan-fried and drizzled with their own special sauce, this really is New York comfort food at its finest.

Mimi Cheng’s was founded by the Cheng sisters, Hannah and Marian, who decided to make up for the lack of Taiwanese dumplings they were craving – the ones that tasted just like those their mother made – by opening their own restaurant. Made fresh daily with organic and local ingredients, a plate of pan-fried dumplings filled with either pasture-raised chicken and farm-fresh zucchini or kale, zucchini, free-range egg, shiitake mushrooms and carrots will brighten your day. In fact, just the sight of the yellow-and-white striped awning will add some sunshine. Grey days might become something to look forward to if you turn your dumpling trips into a rainy-day ritual.

Mimi Chengs, Locations in East Village and Nolita.

Photo: Hannah Hoskins.




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