Drink: Kings County Distillery

Single-Spirit Bars


You wouldn’t visit the outskirts of Brooklyn’s Navy Yard unless you had a good reason to. Kings County Distillery is a very good reason.

Founded in 2010, Kings County is the oldest whiskey distillery in New York: all of its spirits are made using New York grains and traditional distilling equipment. Here you’ll find classic bourbons, whiskeys, moonshine and fun-flavored twists.

Take a tour of the distillery to swat up on your whiskey knowledge and then head to the bar. Grab one of the round tables in the corner and settle in for an afternoon of drinking, snacking and more drinking. If you’re keen to further educate yourself opt for a flight, but don’t expect to achieve anything else with your afternoon. If you’re looking for a more low-key option stick to a glass of whiskey or try one of the carefully crafted cocktails. Don’t be scared to order one of the far from traditional options (though a classic old-fashioned is a lesson in cocktail mastery). The election weekend-themed Pussy Grabs Back, made with grapefruit and jalapeño whiskey, is perfectly pink and packs a punch.

Before you ask, yes, you should buy a few bottles to take home. And don’t question your instinct when it tells you to taste that chocolate one.

Kings County Distillery, 299 Sands Street, Brooklyn, NY 11205.

Photo: Kings County Distillery.

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