Food: Via Carota

Table for Two


The New York Times’ restaurant critic Pete Wells described Via Carota perfectly when he said that it’s where he sends people for “unfussy, delicious food in the West Village”. Those few words describe the base of a perfect date night.

Set on a tree-lined street, this glass-fronted restaurant is every New Yorker’s dream. Take a seat in the window on one of the Welsh (yes, Welsh) ex-chapel chairs and order your Negroni. The menus are tucked into the back of your chair. You’ll want to take your time perusing them, nibbling your way through the huge chunks of olive oil-soaked sourdough as you do so.

Via Carota’s food has roots in the Florentine hills, once home to half of the kitchen team, Rita Sodi. The other half of this women-led restaurant is Jody Williams, who brings a dose of California sunshine. Choose your favorites from the range of sections and share everything. This is food that’s meant to be enjoyed together: it’s not fancy, it’s not always pretty but it’s amazingly flavorful, comforting, balanced and will undoubtedly have you dreaming of a vacation in the Tuscan sunshine.

Via Carota, 51 Grove Street, New York, NY 10014.

Photo: Via Carota.

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