Do: CW Pencil Enterprise

Snappy Stationery


A shop selling only pencils may not sound like a viable business, or the kind of place that you would want to visit, but this one is. Step into the tiny, bright and super-tidy space that is CW Pencil Enterprise, meet its pencil-obsessed founder Caroline Weaver and you’ll soon reconsider your opinion on spending your weekend in a specialist pencil store.

In glass jars set neatly along the shelves you’ll find pencils from countries as wide-ranging as India, Switzerland and Japan. Ask Caroline (she’s easy to spot: the one with the giant pencil tattoo on her forearm) what she would recommend and she’ll fill your afternoon with beautiful details of the hundreds of pencils that she sells. Whether you’re looking for a note-taker, one for sketching or a fluorescent-orange gem, she’ll have the right pencil for you.

If you came in thinking that you would leave this “novelty store” empty-handed you’ll stand corrected. You’re sure to be transformed into a pencil fanatic and will soon be vowing to either write that first novel or draw a masterpiece using your new favorite tool. You’ll also, no doubt, think twice before you next reach for a pen or – heaven forbid – your keyboard.

CW Pencil Enterprise, 100 Forsyth St, New York, NY 10002.

Photo: CW Pencil Enterprise.

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