Food: The Lobster Place

Sushi Staple


Chelsea Market is far from being a hidden New York gem but the sushi at The Lobster Place, tucked away in the heart of the always-bustling market, is often overlooked. This city is filled with swanky sushi spots that will charge you a week’s pay for what may just be the best slice of sashimi you’ve ever eaten. But for those of you looking for something more affordable – and just as tasty – head to The Lobster Place.

The Lobster Place is one of the city’s top fish-and-seafood wholesalers and those who visit its restaurant/take-out set-up in Chelsea Market can reap the benefits of those early morning fish-market visits. Fresh fish is carefully chosen by loving home cooks; businessmen sit side by side with tourists snacking on whole lobsters for lunch; and rows and rows of fresh sushi boxes sit in fridges, with chefs replenishing them as they swiftly disappear and making whatever extra you demand.

Don’t stress too much about which box you pick, they’re all brilliant. Grab a seat in the window or stand at the counter outside – and focus. A dab of wasabi, a dash of soy sauce and a refreshing piece of pickled ginger between each bite: this casual sushi spot demands and deserves the full attention of all your senses.

The Lobster Place, Chelsea Market, 75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011.

Photo: Hannah Hoskins.

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