Drink: Wildair

Wine Bar


This 40-seat, no-reservations wine bar on Orchard Street is the key to happiness.

Wildair seems simple but the food and wine prove otherwise. Co-owners and chefs Fabián von Hauskeand and Jeremiah Stone have successfully won the hearts of all of New York’s food-experts and wine-connoisseurs.

A glance over the wine list will, for most of us, mean nothing. Thankfully it’s when you ask for a recommendation that the fun really starts. A magnum with a beautiful label, or no label at all, will be presented, you’ll be told which grapes it’s made of (you’ve probably never heard of them) and a glass will be poured. The wine will be fascinating and delicious. Round after round will be tasted and enjoyed until you really can have no more. Wildair is made for the curious: explore, learn and enjoy it.

The menu reads like a bizarre shopping list but the ingredients come together beautifully and magically match whatever funky wine you happen to be sipping on. Try the romaine lettuce with pistachio, as well as the persimmon with butternut, burrata and jalapeño seeds. And don’t forget the pork milanese with gribiche and mustard greens. You’ll leave Wildair tipsy but not hungry.

Wildair, 142 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002.

Photo: Millennium_Falco.

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