Food: Juliana’s

Pizza Party


Picking just one pizza place to share with you all from this pizza-obsessed city is a challenge. Since moving here, the amount of pizza I consume has increased tenfold. It’s wonderful.

But today, both in NYC and LDN, we’re digging into giant, thin-crust pizzas that are designed to be shared: so the winner is Juliana’s. Run by Patsy Grimaldi (yes, of the infamous pizzeria Grimaldi’s, which was his before a pizza feud took place), the pizzas at Juliana’s have a classic New York story to them – and a line out the door, which both their story and quality deserve.

The decor is nonexistent (bar the striking pizza oven) but the pizzas more than make up for it. Order a large (we suggest one between two) and watch the metal pizza stand fly towards you, a throne for the perfect pie that will follow. Whether you choose one topped with mozzarella, Scamorza affumicata, pancetta, scallions and Oregon-grown white truffles, or scattered with tomatoes, mozzarella, arugula and prosciutto, it will be love at first bite. And, naturally, nothing will be left uneaten.

Juliana’s, 19 Old Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

Photo: Hannah Hoskins.


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