Do: Bloom & Wild

Fancy Florist


Everyone enjoys receiving flowers but it’s not often that your sender can rely on them arriving when you’re around. London-based Bloom & Wild’s answer? Boxed bunches of freshly cut stems that slot seamlessly through a standard-size letterbox.

This digital florist was founded in 2013 by former management consultant Aron Gelbard and his business partner Ben Stanway. Today it offers same-day delivery in London and next-day delivery around the UK.

The flat-packed flowers are individually wrapped in breathable netting before being boxed up to protect the delicate blooms in the delivery process. Though the names may be a little sickly sweet – the Elsie, the Zara, the Colette and so on – the flowers are anything but. Bouquets range from a tousled assortment of fragrant freesias, long-lasting lilies and wildflower foliage to a classic arrangement of dusty-pink roses and daisy-like chrysanthemums.

As well as being able to come home to a parcel, you get to arrange the contents yourself. So there you have it: our favourite home-delivery service.

Photo: All That’s Pretty.

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