Do: Petal by Pedal

Fancy Florists


There’s clearly no shortage of beautiful florists in New York – and no shortage of demand for blooming bouquets either. But one company has created a unique floristry twist. Petal by Pedal selects locally grown, in-season blooms, arranges them in stunning bouquets and delivers them by bike, rain or shine, anywhere from the southern tip of Manhattan up to 86th Street.

You select the size of your bouquet and entrust the magical florists to do the rest. Order by 12pm and a beautifully rustic bouquet will arrive with your loved one (or you: we highly encourage self-sent flowers) the same day. Who can resist bouquets and bicycles?

If you fancy feeling like a florist yourself, Petal by Pedal also offers the most serene workshops at MNDFL’s meditation studio in Greenwich Village: make your own bouquet, stay for a meditation class and then pedal your creation home on your own two wheels. If that doesn’t sound like a dreamy couple of hours, we don’t know what does.

Photo: Petal by Pedal.

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