Food: Bien Cuit

Best Bakery


Bien Cuit (literally, “well done”) is unquestionably the best bread bakery in New York. Multiple times a day, head baker Zachary Golper and his all-star kitchen produce loaves that follow the unspoken guidelines for bread perfection.

True to its name, everything on offer in both the original Smith Street store and the latest opening in Grand Central is indeed bien cuit. When it comes to bread, the darkest, thickest, most crumbly and flavorful crust conceals an airy centre. The pastries are far removed from the typical anaemic ones we’re used to: their golden exteriors protect the flaky, buttery layers within. Even the seasonal cookies and Christmas stollen have an undeniable toasty appearance and taste.

Whether you’re in need of a baguette to coat in salty butter, an enormous miche to accompany a warming bowl of soup, the best almond croissant on the planet (I’m serious) to befriend your coffee or the most elegant lunchtime sandwich ever to grace this country, you better get yourself to Bien Cuit.

Bien Cuit, 120 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

Photo: Bien Cuit.

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