Do: The Primary Essentials



You may think you don’t need anything new for your home but step into The Primary Essentials and you’ll soon change your mind.

This beautifully curated shop on Atlantic Avenue is what home-dreams are made of. A long table is filled with crockery, candles, water jugs, flower-filled vases, cookware, serving bowls and cutting boards. Scattered in between them are cookbooks, teas, olive oils and chocolate, while the walls are covered with hand-dyed hangings and prints.

Head to the back of the store and you’ll discover the bathroom you’ve always wanted and an aspirational office set-up. You’ll no doubt fall in love with that charcoal bristle toothbrush and decide those brass scissors are an essential addition to your desk.

The Primary Essentials opened in Brooklyn in 2013 and has been filled with an ever-changing range of thoughtfully selected objects and accessories ever since. The store focuses on creations from independent designers and artisans, as well as a handful of unavoidable design classics. Whether you need to decorate your apartment or not, a visit to The Primary Essentials is always a success.

The Primary Essentials, 372 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217.

Photo: The Primary Essentials.

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