Do: Union Square Greenmarket

Food Market


Union Square Greenmarket is no secret – and its popularity is more than deserved. Stalls selling in-season fruit and vegetables, local honey, hand-pressed cider, bright wheatgrass, warming herbal teas, freshly baked goods and colorful wildflowers line two sides of Union Square. Crowds constantly come and go, some simply passing by, others carrying heavy tote bags filled with produce and, naturally, a handful conscientiously perfecting that overhead Instagram shot.

Early in the morning you’ll see dedicated chefs from nearby Manhattan restaurants buying that day’s cuts of meat and the best salad leaves to serve that evening, while asking when the first stems of asparagus will be theirs for the taking. Later come the rest of us eager, hungry, food-loving folk, seeking out the prettiest rhubarb, the freshest dahlias and the sweetest honeycomb.

The market moves patiently with the seasons: a gentle reminder that life outside this urban jungle does exist. Regular visitors will start to define the time of year by the produce available – and that’s when you know you’re really a part of the New York food scene.

Union Square Market is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

1 Union Square West, New York, NY 10003.

Photo: Hannah Hoskins.

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