Food: Bluestone Lane

Reliable Chain


Whether you’re in need of breakfast, lunch, a sweet snack or just a really great cup of coffee, Bluestone Lane is calling your name. With 10 locations dotted across the city, you’re never far from a perfect flat white and a top avocado smash (that’s avo toast for all you non-Aussie speakers).

Inspired by the coffee shops of Melbourne, this miniature chain is open all day. The food menu is concise, while the hot drinks list is wonderfully expansive. Whether you order spicy green baked eggs, homemade granola with greek yoghurt and citrus curd, or the signature rainbow bowl creation, you’ll be in for a nourishing meal served with a hint of Australian sunshine.

But the real fun lies in the coffee and healthy lattes: these are what truly have people coming back for more. Bluestone Lane roasts its own coffee and turns those beans into the creamiest flat whites. If you’re looking to expand your latte horizons try the beet or turmeric varieties. Bright, spiced, packed with nutricious ingredients and completely delicious, these drinks are far more than a millennial-centric novelty. After one latte (caffeinated or not), you’ll be a hardcore member of the Bluestone Lane-loving squad.

Bluestone Lane: Citywide. See locations here.

Photo: Bluestone Lane.

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