Art: Mmuseumm 1

Art Exhibition


Situated in a former freight elevator down the otherwise nondescript Cortlandt Alley, you’ll find NYC’s smallest museum: Mmuseumm.

Mmuseumm opened five years ago, with a mission to review the intricacies of our world through mini collections of (tiny) objects. Each “exhibition” takes up no more than one shelf and the range of objects across the space is truly astonishing. Who would have thought that chilling in an ex-freight elevator for an hour was a fun way to spend a weekend?

The latest season opened last week and features 17 exhibitions. Either listen to the audio guide through your phone or make a donation and pick up an information-rich written catalogue. 

You may find yourself disturbed by Max Abelson’s “Donald Trump Merchandise”, in which the Success aftershave is the star of the show, or strangely fascinated by an in-depth analysis of individual cornflakes in “The Cornflake Index”. But no matter what, you’ll witness these seemingly everyday items taking on a whole new lease of life. The morbid and terrifying “Unintentional Villains” (household items that have killed people) are countered on the opposite shelf by the uplifting and reassuring “Unintentional Heroes” (household items that have saved lives).

Whether you chuckle at the cornflakes, are amazed by the Isis currency or gain a deeper (and even more unnerving) understanding of Trump’s personality, the Mmuseumm is definitely the most interesting elevator in the city.

Until 26 November.

Mmuseumm, 4 Cortlandt Alley, New York, NY 10013. 

P.S. Be sure to peek into Mmuseumm 2, a few doors down, when you’re there!

Photo: Hannah Hoskins.

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