Do: Cold Spring

Escape for the Day


A sunny weekend is the perfect time to escape NYC. So pull on your hiking boots, pack yourself a lunch and hop on the train at Grand Central. Trundle along the Hudson and hop off when the train reaches Cold Spring.

Follow whichever trail takes your fancy up and around Bull Hill or over to Breakneck Ridge (this site has a pretty comprehensive guide to the local hikes). Stop at your favorite viewpoint for lunch and soak up the vast space that opens up around you. When your legs can’t walk anymore, head back to Cold Spring.

Rather than rushing back to the city, make your way to the bustling Cold Spring Depot. Skip the line for food and head to the bar, then perch on a stool outside with your drink. Savor that first sip: there’s nothing like a post-hike drink.

You’ll probably be hungry but hold off: ice cream awaits. Finish your drink and walk under the railway to the waterfront. Take a right and you’ll find Moo Moo’s Creamery. There may be a line but it’s worth waiting.

Made fresh daily, Moo Moo’s ice cream is delicious and – importantly, for a post-hike treat – ginormous. There’s a reason why its recipe is a well-guarded family secret. We recommend the golden Oreo and maple walnut. Take your oversize scoop down to the water and enjoy the peaceful pace of an afternoon upstate – and the challenge of eating your ice cream before it melts.

Finally, it’s time to head back to the city. Grab a window seat so you can spend the journey home gazing out at the Hudson river.

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