Do: Washington Square Park

Post-Work Park


An early summer evening in Washington Square Park is a quintessential New York experience. Kids jump in the fountain, students lie reading on the grass, musicians play under the arch, artists draw chalk illustrations on the ground, dogs fight in their pen and busy locals rush past meandering locals on the winding paths.

Since this is New York, it’s unlikely that you’ll have prepared a picnic. Instead, pick up something from nearby. You’ve got the city’s favorite hotspots to choose from: Joe’s Pizza, Saigon Shack, Hummus Place, Taïm and By CHLOE., to name a few. Find a patch of grass, soak up the summertime atmosphere and maybe dip your feet in the fountain to cool down.

There’s no drinking allowed in New York parks but you’re in the best place to continue your evening nearby, whether you head to Greenwich Village for some jazz or over to the Lower East Side where a plethora of bars await. Or maybe the evening calls for ice cream, in which case don’t let your proximity to Big Gay Ice Cream be ignored.

Washington Square Park, New York, NY 10012.

Photo: Hannah Hoskins.

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