Drink: Sabbia at Eataly

Summer Sundowners


Eataly may not be your dream post-work destination but it’s worth weaving through the hoards of tourists – and the maze of pasta and prosciutto – to reach this rooftop for a well-deserved drink on a summer evening.

Take the elevator to the top floor (don’t worry if there’s a queue at the bottom, they’ll be waiting for a table and we’re not here for that) and you’ll discover this not-so-well-kept bustling, sun-drenched secret. Gradually wheedle your way to the front of the bar, place your order – we recommend the generous glass of Prosecco – and find somewhere to perch.

While the stripy awning, colorful chairs, plates of pasta, glittering fairy lights and Italian-centric drinks provide a touch of the Italian dream, the view of the Flatiron next door keeps you strongly rooted in the city. It’s true that a couple of drinks at Sabbia isn’t an ideal substitute for that glorious week on the Italian coast but it’s a pretty perfect way to spend a weekday after work. Something about that Italian wine, New York skyline and balmy summer night always makes for a picturesque evening.

Sabbia at Eataly, Rooftop of 200 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10010.

Photo: TT.Tu.

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