Food: Loosie’s Café

Working Lunch


Step into the green corridor leading to Loosie’s Café and you’ll think that you’ve left NYC and arrived in sun-filled LA. You’ll then find yourself in your dream future apartment. In the front yard, a bath is filled with greenery, the whitewashed façade is covered with fake grass, and woven cushions and hammock chairs are waiting for you to take a seat. Inside, a high glass ceiling and tall windows welcome in lots of light, which bounces off the mosaic on the back wall. Leafy plants spring up from the ground, perch on shelves and dangle from the ceiling.

A monochrome tiled board is filled with offerings of iced matcha, a perfect cortado, ricotta toast, banana chaga doughnuts and grain bowls. If you’re here to get those emails sent/articles written/meetings scheduled, boost your brain power with the grain bowl. Last time I visited, it consisted of a bowl of fluffy quinoa, sautéed mushrooms, tangy yogurt, roasted beets, salad greens and a turmeric-dyed, soft-boiled egg.

Be sure to order an iced matcha before you leave – and maybe a doughnut too. You’ll never want to have lunch al desko ever again.

Loosie’s Café, 93 South 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249.

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