Food: Udderlicious

Ice Cream


Whether you’re after rich and indulgent ice cream or refreshing and zingy sorbet, Udderlicious has you covered. This family-run shop opened in 2013 at the nose end of Islington’s Upper Street and has been attracting a faithful following of sweet-toothed Londoners ever since.

Stop by in summer and you’re bound to find a queue spilling out of the bright-blue shop. Both ice creams and sorbets are freshly made on site using organic milk from grass-fed cows, natural ingredients and fresh fruit. There are a few stools inside but I suggest taking your cone or cup to go.

So, down to business: the flavours. Udderlicious churns up ice creams that include chocolate orange, apple crumble and custard, honeycomb, ginger and honey, and cinnamon. The swirls of sorbet are equally varied, with everything from fruity peach and prosecco to tangy lychee and lemongrass. There are also some slightly off-kilter options: seaweed, anyone?

Of course, all of the above aren’t always on offer: the small space can only fit so much in its freezer. But don’t despair. If you can’t find the flavour you’re craving, you can vote to see it in-store the following month. Me? I’ll be sticking with my personal favourite: pistachio. A perfectly creamy whip – and without any algae in sight.

Udderlicious, 187 Upper Street, London, N1 1RQ.

Photo: Kunika.

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