Do: Y7

Sweat It Out


You may think that yoga and hip hop don’t have much in common but fuse them together, put them a dark room, add a touch of candlelight and a lot of heat, and you’ve got Y7. Yoga doesn’t get more New York than these classes, self-described as “sweat-dripping, beat-bumping, candlelit yoga.”

Studios are scattered across the city, each one as hip (hop), dark and enticing as the next. Everything is monochrome. Brick walls feature painted hands in prayer, alongside catchy slogans welcoming you to the club. The music plays calmly as you enter the studio but, as soon as the class starts, the mood changes.

These hot vinyasa classes aren’t for the faint-hearted. They begin with some breathing, encouraging you to focus, and involve an hour of flowing movements. It’s dark, your sweat pours, the music thumps and you enter a joyous, meditative state as you glide between poses, unable to let your mind think beyond the current moment.

Hard, fun and truly addictive: Y7 has a tribe-style following and you’ll soon be part of it.

Y7: Studios Citywide. See locations here.

Photo: Y7.

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