Art: King Woman

Art Exhibition


Pen + Brush has spent 123 years promoting women’s art. The current exhibition, King Woman, features 25 contemporary female artists and is curated by the founder of ArtLeadHER – a platform dedicated to celebrating women in the art world – Mashona Tifrere.

An array of works in various platforms come together to defy female stereotypes. Street artist Swoon depicts regular men and women as religious icons; Lola Flash photographs portraits of 70-year-old women; Carol Feuerman’s hyperrealist sculpture of a bikini-clad, diamond-capped swimmer sits obstinately in the center of the room; abstract artist Renee Phillips’ Meditations bring an overwhelming sense of stillness.

These women are united in a mission to acknowledge their womanhood. However, as Tifrere says, they also “move beyond it by owning it in an unabashed way – showing that women can be more than Goddess or Queen, that they are capable of being ‘King’, at the pinnacle of power and strength and skill”. This exhibition is filled with power, softness, reflection and elegance: exactly what you’d expect from every King Woman.

Until 9 December 2016.

Pen + Brush, 29 East 22nd Street, New York, NY 10010.

Photo: Detail of Renee PhillipsMeditation IX.

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