Do: Bulletin

Concept Store


Step into Bulletin and you’ll wonder how somebody managed to combine your Instagram feed and recently viewed Etsy list so accurately. If this is the future of bricks-and-mortar retail – engaging, inspiring and fun – I’m excited for the coming years.

The creators of Bulletin collaborate with up-and-coming, passion-driven brands, designers and entrepreneurs to give them both physical space in their stores (and what a beautiful space it is) and a greater presence online. The result is a thoughtfully curated selection of likeminded, progressive products that forms every millennial woman’s dream shop.

While the products change regularly, the vibe’s consistent. Make sure you pick up a shirt with a feminist slogan scrawled across the front (we’re coveting this one) and an assortment of gifts for your friends. Don’t hold back: the products won’t be here forever and it’s not often you come across so much creativity.

Others stores may be struggling to stay open but Bulletin has women running away from Amazon and through its doors to find the best, filtered selection of things you’ll definitely like.

Bulletin locations in Williamsburg and Nolita.

Photo: Bulletin.

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