Drink: The Chocolate Room

Hot Chocolate


On the first properly cold day of the year, you’ll have to wait in line to order your hot chocolate at Brooklyn’s suitably named The Chocolate Room. Once you’re inside, close your eyes and take a deep inhale: that sweet, deep scent of chocolate will always put a smile on your face.

If you have an afternoon to while away, take a seat in the back and order from the intensely chocolatey menu; if not, order the dark hot chocolate to go. Made with bittersweet Belgian chocolate, Valrhona cocoa powder and whole milk, this drink is one of the perks of an absurdly cold New York winter. Please don’t forget to add freshly whipped cream and homemade marshmallows on top. It’s thick, rich and could definitely be spooned, but we prefer to embrace our inner child and sip it, leaving chocolatey stickiness around our lips.

If the cold’s really got into your bones, order a gooey chocolate-chip cookie to nibble on too. Dunk it into the molten chocolate to soften the chunks and, immediately, your day will be 100 times better. Chocolate therapy is a winter necessity.

The Chocolate Room, Locations in Park Slope and Cobble Hill.

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