LDN-NYC is created by us, Chloë and Hannah, two old friends who grew up in the UK countryside and are now writers in London and New York respectively. Over (one too many) thirst-quenching cocktails in Islington – happy stories told, work woes aired – we decided to make this website. On LDN-NYC you’ll find an up-to-date guide to our favourite places, activities and events from our current home cities, bringing together the latest from the opposite sides of the Atlantic.

About Chloë

Chloë lives in Islington, London, with her boyfriend Ollie. She edits and writes for an international magazine, is strangely fond of milky instant coffee, spends her free time mooching around art galleries, runs a couple of miles and is obsessed with sausage dogs.

About Hannah

Hannah moved to Brooklyn, New York, with her husband Seb in August 2015. She writes about mindfulness for a plant-based food company, takes her coffee black, eats wonderful amounts of cake, runs many miles and is also obsessed with sausage dogs.

Contact us

If you want to get in touch please use the email addresses below. We’d love to hear from you!

New York

Contact Hannah: hhoskins72@gmail.com


Contact Chloë: chloe.ashby@me.com